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About us

About symmedia

sym|media: sym (greek) means ′together', media means 'mediating elements'. symmedia builds the "Internet of machines" and connects machine manufacturers with machine operators. Machines, service technicians and all operating persons at the operator are networked via a service portal.

symmedia has been developing service solutions for mechanical engineering since 1997. The symmedia SP/1 software is used as the "Internet of machines" in over 100 countries. Leading machine manufacturers and operators use symmedia SP/1 as a convenient service portal: Remote Service, Parts, Maintenance and Monitoring are proactively offered directly at the machine. Key figures on service organization performance, plant availability, productivity and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) are available to management everywhere.


Our vision: Digitalized service and networking worldwide - we are the Internet of machines

In 1997 we started to build up an interdisciplinary team. Consisting of computer scientists, physicists, mathematicians, engineers and business economists. We wanted to build bridges between the digital and the real industrial world - and between machine manufacturers and their customers.

The result was an extremely powerful team, now under the solid umbrella of a Swiss group. We are not mainstream people who sell our customers everything. Maybe we are sometimes a bit "East Westphalian", but always honest and loyal. I don't know of any comparable accumulation of expertise anywhere in the world when it comes to connecting machines and the Internet.

symmedia - a GF company

Since September 2017 symmedia has been part of the Swiss Corporation and mechanical engineering company Georg Fischer (GF). This means that symmedia now has the ideal partner directly at its side from industry. Through the alliance with GF, symmedia's digitization expertise is combined with expertise in mechanical and plant engineering and industry. 

Georg Fischer AG is an industrial group (€ 3.5 billion turnover) based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. The mechanical engineering division GF Machining Solutions has been a symmedia customer for several years.

Through GF, symmedia has the opportunity to support customers with even more manpower and presence - also in the international arena. In addition, the corporation provides investment and future security. Further information in the press release


We have been building the symmedia SP/1 Service Portal since 1997, which not only means more than 280 years of development in our software, but above all a lot of experience.

Every year we invest at least 35 percent of our turnover in the further development of our software. To this end, we work closely with research institutes and the VDMA, but above all with our customers from mechanical and plant engineering.

  1. Launch

    1997 symmedia develops the first Remote Service project in the compressed air and textile industries - a pioneering achievement in a time in which the Internet has only existed for a few years. Since then many well-known machine manufacturers have been added.

  2. Member „Multimedia im Maschinenbau“

    symmedia is now a member of the steering committee "Multimedia im Maschinenbau" of the state of NRW.

  3. Remote Service Framework

    The Remote Service Framework is being developed together with eight machine and plant manufacturers and the support of the state of NRW.

  4. symmedia SP/1

    The symmedia SP/1 Conference Center is developed. The integration of symmedia SP/1 into SAP is now also possible.

  5. Patent & Spare parts catalogs

    symmedia receives a patent for the symmedia SP/1 machine access procedure. In addition, the first spare parts catalogs are integrated into the symmedia SP/1 Service Portal.

  6. symmedia SP/1 Maintenance

    The symmedia SP/1 Remote Service Tool is extended by the maintenance manager symmedia SP/1 Maintenance in cooperation with the press manufacturer manroland.

  7. TÜViT Certificate

    symmedia receives the first security certification by TÜViT, which is verified every 2 years.

  8. „Follow the Sun“

    The ticket system with "Follow the Sun" and supplier integration are introduced.

  9. Growth

    The service portal symmedia SP/1 is now installed in 80 countries and networks a system value of approx. 30 billion €.

  10. Trusted Cloud announcement & new mobile applications

    symmedia wins the Trusted Cloud tender. In cooperation with QSC AG, RWTH Aachen and FH Cologne, cloud-based services are being developed.

    New mobile applications for smartphones and tablets are available.

  11. Numerous industries

    Meanwhile, most industry leaders in mechanical engineering rely on symmedia SP/1: automotive, construction, printing, energy, plastics, food, pharmaceuticals, recycling, wood, steel, textiles and packaging.

  12. symmedia SP/1 Monitoring

    Machine data is becoming increasingly important. symmedia develops the tool symmedia SP/1 Monitoring for local and global monitoring of machines and systems.

  13. New product layout

    The symmedia SP/1 Service Portal is restructured and divided into the 4 products Remote Service, Maintenance, Parts and Monitoring. It is thus ideally positioned for individual service solutions in mechanical and plant engineering.

  14. Industry 4.0

    The term Industry 4.0 is published. symmedia can rely on growth with almost 20 years of experience in this field and invests in the expansion of the company at the Turnerstrasse site.

  15. symmedia SP/1 Plant

    With the symmedia SP/1 Plant smartphone app, symmedia SP/1 users can view machine data from anywhere. With this development symmedia makes a further step towards the smart factory possible.

  16. Georg Fischer

    symmedia becomes part of the GF Group and benefits from know-how in the field of mechanical engineering as well as from its worldwide presence.

  17. Web interface

    symmedia SP/1 web interface in the new design is presented as a prototype and is scheduled to be ready for release in 2019.


Our friendly team consists of highly qualified computer scientists, engineers, physicists, mathematicians and business economists. You will meet people from the early days of the company as well as rookies fresh from university. A lot of joy in creating something new again and again, combined with the ambition to crack every nut, you will find with us all.

"We're not satisfied until you are. We want to be your reliable companion and expert, no matter which way you choose to develop your Internet-based services".


Customer Network

We met 13 times for a fireside chat in Bielefeld. The focus was always on the exchange of experience: How can service be digitized, customer loyalty and added value generated?

Now is the time to tackle the challenges: at yours, our customers!

2017 the first Service Business Challenge took place. True to the concept of learning from practice, we visit symmedia customers at the Service Business Challenge to gain an impression of the respective digitization strategy on site. 

First, we visited the tobacco machine manufacturer Hauni in Hamburg, 2018 the  the Service Business Challenge took place at the Georg Fischer Germany branch in Schorndorf, 2019 our customer and 3D printer manufacturer EOS welcomed us near Munich.

symmedia = innovation

Award-winning innovative strength: symmedia has been awarded the TOP 100 Seal 2021. This award honors particularly innovative medium-sized companies - now for the 28th time. Previously, symmedia had proven its innovative strength in a scientific selection process.

CEO Andreas Thal is delighted about the appreciation of this success: "The TOP 100 Innovator award makes us proud and confirms that we are on the right track with our developments. We believe that innovative strength is one of the most important success factors."




umati (universal machine tool interface) is the new standard when it comes to enabling machine tools to exchange information with third-party systems and integrate it into existing IT ecosystems. Since 2019 symmedia is partner of the iniative and can not only extract and process data from the umati interface, but also make machines umati-capable. 

Service Excellence

Service Excellence is an initiative of experts for service in mechanical engineering and, as a network of independent market leaders with a customer base of 500 machine manufacturers, offers unique expertise in the areas of consulting, Remote Services, information systems and resource planning.

Service Excellence Partners (Innosoft, symmedia, Quanos) work together with the goal of achieving the best possible service solutions through the close integration of outstanding technologies and consulting processes.


symmedia has been a member of the VDMA since 2000 and is regularly represented with lectures and exhibitions. Joint events with the VDMA at symmedia customers offer machine manufacturers from all over Germany practical insights into the organisation of online services at industry leaders.

Katana USU

Katana is the big data analytics expert for Industry 4.0. With state-of-the-art cloud technology and the expertise of its own data scientists and data engineers, Katana enables rapid and highly flexible analysis of industrial data and the operationalization of smart services in the customer's system landscape.

Ruhr-Universität Bochum

The Ruhr-Universität Bochum and symmedia have been working together in research projects and studies since 1999. Research topics such as hybrid service bundles, embedded online services or Industry 4.0 repeatedly lead to innovative development projects.


it's OWL

symmedia as a company from the strong high-tech business location East Westphalia-Lippe is a partner of the technology network Intelligent Technical Systems, it's OWL.


The AFSMI has been in operation for over 30 years. In addition to symmedia, its members include around 300 companies worldwide. AFSMI is one of the few associations with an international presence. This makes it one of the world's most important association structures in the service industry.

WEGE - this is from Bielefeld

The WEGE community "das kommt aus Bielefeld" presents the successful products and services that come from Bielefeld. The aim is to make companies and the business location nationwide known and attractive. symmedia participates in the partnership in order to network regionally with other companies.


Alliance for Cyber Security

symmedia is a member of the Alliance for Cyber Security, an initiative of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). The aim of the alliance is to continuously inform about current threats in cyberspace and to provide valid information accordingly.

OWL Maschinenbau

OWL is a strong business location in Germany, which is becoming increasingly well-known. Some of the mechanical engineering sector is also represented here by world market leaders. These machine builders unite in the OWL Maschinenbau industry network to exchange ideas in working groups and at events and to work on new developments.