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At a glance

  • 2,68 billion € turnover
  • 8,765 employees
  • Operator model with data sovereignty
  • Own service management tool
  • Interfaces to other symmedia customers


Egger is a full-range supplier: The product range includes furniture and materials for interior design, structural timber construction and flooring. This product range already implies that Egger has a very heterogeneous machine park. This is additionally distributed over 20 locations. In addition, customers‘ design requirements for living and working spaces are becoming increasingly demanding. As an innovator with 2,100 patents, Egger must therefore be able to constantly adapt its production to new trends - while maintaining consistently high quality.

As in every company, productivity is decisive for the success of the company. At Egger, 30 m3 of chipboard is produced in 2 minutes. If productivity drops due to machine breakdowns, this means high costs and production delays at the same time. In addition, Egger is careful to handle the wood in a resource-saving manner and thus keep scrap rates to a minimum.

It is therefore Egger‘s goal to continuously maintain production capacities and further expand the volume of 8.5 million m3 of processed wood per year. 

The constant new and further development of the products is further thought at Egger. Also the production and the different processes are constantly questioned in order to remain innovative as a whole company.

That is why Egger has been involved in the digitisation of production and in particular maintenance since 2016 and finally decided on symmedia as its digitisation partner.


At the beginning of 2016, Egger began to take a closer look at the internal processes and brought symmedia on board as a partner with the aim of organizing and ultimately digitizing the maintenance and servicing workflows for internal departments and external suppliers across the group and locations.

Workflows were analysed in detail and great potential for optimisation was identified, particularly in the area of plant service for internal and external use. With symmedia SP/1, these potentials were to be leveraged. 

In addition, the security of the networks and the internal IT was decisive in the selection of a service system. Egger was to retain control over the data and administration of the system and also know exactly who has remote access to which systems and when. 

This was followed by discussions with the suppliers, during which it turned out that three suppliers were already using symmedia. These were first to be integrated into the new digital service process. 

This was followed by a kick-off workshop with the symmedia experts and two other planning workshops in which each process was described in detail. 

A short time later, the roll-out began, with continuous adjustments being made to the system in order to always cover all current requirements.


Today, the system is used across all locations. Each plant has its own intelligent site control. With this, it is already possible to work autonomously and handle service processes. The system can also be used for cross-plant communication. It is administered centrally, which ensures a uniform standard.

In addition to their own cross-plant maintenance, which was digitized via the Service Portal, the two suppliers Fagus GreCon and Siempelkamp are now integrated into the Egger Service Portal. Another supplier, LTW, is also to be connected in the near future. With the so-called Manufacturer Service Request, the suppliers can provide Egger Service with their own symmedia tools, which are integrated in the Egger Service Portal. Egger always retains control over its own service system and data traffic. 

Even suppliers who do not have a symmedia Service Portal themselves can be integrated into the Egger Portal. It is therefore planned that the service for Homag machines can also be handled via the Egger service portal.

In practice, suppliers can now connect remotely to systems in the Egger plant. The access rights of each user are controlled via roles. The assignment of rights is in turn completely up to Egger. 

All further developments follow the vision that the entire internal and external service workflow (maintenance, servicing and troubleshooting) should be controlled via the Egger Service System. In particular, all accesses to the company network via the Egger Service Portal are to be released and documented. Other access systems are to be abolished in order to increase IT security.

„By digitizing our maintenance processes within our production, we were able to significantly improve efficiency. Machine failures can be fixed much faster and 90% remotely.“
- Stefan Mölg, Head of Technical IT, EGGER Group

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