symmedia meets Natec - two Groups & one Technology that connects

symmedia meets Natec

two Groups & one Technology that connects

symmedia meets Natec

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The company Natec has many years of experience in the field of high-quality machinery and equipment technology for industrial food production. Natec's innovative spirit and willingness to fully tailor technology to the customer's needs and business goals is something they have in common with symmedia. The joint collaboration takes the industrial automation at Natec to a new level.


Introduction of service business models at Natec

During digitization, Natec was looking for a tool that would allow them to centrally store and visualize machine data. This should serve as a basis for introducing and managing various service business models.

Customer service requests were to be processed in a structured manner and made profitable within service business models. It was important to provide "follow the sun" support for customers, i.e. round-the-clock availability, which at the same time enables the generation of revenue for service requests from Natec customers.

Natec goes digital

The introduction of an IT-based service software was a novelty in the Natec Network, so there were some challenges even before the start of the project. First, the colleagues and then the customers had to be convinced of the idea. The financial and organizational effort is enormous, and it is not clear in advance whether such a step will prove to be successful.

„symmedia provided us with the all-round package, and also made us question our own view of the subject. Working with symmedia, we experienced a different understanding of service as a product.“
- Bettina Baldauf, Head of After Sales

An attractive partnership

In search of a partner for the digitization of its business models, Natec quickly became aware of symmedia. symmedia is known as the first address for the Internet of Machines. symmedia was able to convince Natec, above all, with its finished product as well as its long experience and expertise in the field of digitization. The know-how of digital products convinced Natec completely.
"symmedia simply fits us", says Ms. Rupp from Natec "It's the all-round package including workshops that we get here, because we were really beginners in the field."

In addition to the reasonable price, the choice for symmedia was facilitated by the all-round technical package. With symmedia, everything that was and is important to Natec, is technically possible:

  • Data collection (storage, evaluation, processing)

  • Access protection / data protection

  • Installation support

  • Product maintenance

The technical integration worked smoothly and the use of symmedia has taken digitization another step forward. The internal view of the topic has now also changed for the better. Everyone is interested and finds it important. Surviving the critical test with colleagues was the first step; making the digital product palatable to customers is the second. Data analytics is the future - customers know that too, and they are increasingly convinced to invest in this market.

„We appreciate the very constructive and cooperative partnership during the introduction of a digital service product. Not only the delivery of the software, but the consulting and the support beyond that for everything. In the end, that's what makes the product a success.“
- Tobias Schellheimer, Project Manager

What's next for Natec and symmedia?

Natec will continue to rely on symmedia in the future - from now on, symmedia's software will go into every new machine. The application will be expanded with Monitoring, i.e. the collection and evaluation of machine data. In addition, Predictive Maintenance, i.e. the forecasting of operating conditions and events, will also be implemented at Natec by symmedia.
symmedia would like to thank Natec for its trust and would like to continue being a reliable partner in the future.

Natec Network direct

Natec Network direct is a customer-oriented, flexible business model that organizes service processes quickly and reliably. Well-trained and motivated employees ensure that the agreed service promises are fulfilled in terms of content and time. First-class service is guaranteed by Natec's experts - either by remote maintenance, via the Natec Network App or in person on site. Natec's network of offices in different time zones work together to provide virtually uninterrupted service. Natec invests in every customer from learning a new system, to sharing optimization opportunities, to improving overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Natec Network Info

The collaboration between Natec and Gold Peg began after many years of competition. Soon, a close partnership had been established across all levels of the company. In 2015, Natec and Gold Peg combined their experience and innovative spirit in the Natec Network. In the same year, Natec founded its own subsidiary in the USA.

Well-known in the market, Hochland Natec GmbH, Gold Peg International Pty Ltd and Natec USA LLC have many years of experience in the field of high-quality machine and plant technology for industrial food production. The innovative spirit as well as the willingness to fully customize the technology to the customer's needs and business objectives make the Natec Network a partner that offers more than just technical infrastructure. The innovative and customized machinery and equipment contribute significantly to the value and development of customers in the food industry.

No compromises can be made in the production of high-grade food. The quality must be right. Thanks to Natec's proximity to the food industry, they are aware of all the quality and hygiene requirements, and their connection to Hochland gives them direct access to food technologies.

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