What is Troubleshooting or Teleservice?

symmedia SP/1 Remote Service features different tunnels that enable online access to machines throughout the world. An important component of this module is Troubleshooting, which allows a service technician to connect to a machine to eliminate problems. In order to set this process in motion, the machine operator triggers a service requests in the Customer Cockpit that may also contain a description of the problem. The service employee can now view the request as a service ticket in his Service Cockpit. As the ticket system automatically organizes all the tickets according to priority, the service technician has a good overview of which problem has to be remedied first. Therefore, as soon as the technician receives an "approval" (through the service request), he can connect to a machine and solve problems online. All activities of the service employees are automatically stored on the machine to allow them to be inspected again later if necessary.