Industry 4.0 - Interconnection and Digitalization of Customer Relationships

By the term "Industry 4.0" symmedia means networking between different actors within the supply chain via digital service processes and new service products.

The secure interconnection of machines is the basis of the future development of industrial processes, commonly described as Industry 4.0. symmedia helps to build this interconnection. symmedia customers are implementing industry 4.0 successfully into practice.

Industry 4.0 or Smart Factory in Practice

Infographic: Service Portal of GF Machining Solutions

With the Service Portal rConnect all machines are conntected to the internet. With the App symmedia SP/1 Plant, service becomes attractive even for the plant management. With the App, all machine-, production- and service data is available on the smartphone at any time. 

Infographic: KMT Visualization

Predictive Maintenance 4.0 - KMT brings service to a higher, digital level. With the visualization tool of KMT it is now possible to predict the lifecycle of single components, to visualize the status of the whole pump and to make proactive service offers. 

Infographic: Networking Solution for Excellence United

Excellent Service with only one interface. With the Excellence United Service Portal, 5 machinery suppliers from the pharma industry merged, to supply common customers with just one single interface to access all Services and with a machine controll stand. With just one click, customers are from now on automatically connected to the right machine service.

Infographic: Audi Fernwartungsportal

Digitalization of the support processes for production companies or plant producers. The Audi Werkzeugbau offers all Audi plants die possibility to securely interconnect with single technology suppliers to guarantee fast help in the case of failure. 

Infographic: KOLBUS 3·60 Assist

OEE App for the mobile access to machine data to reveal information concerning availability, productivity and quality to detect potentials for improvement.

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