Kolbus OEE App for Productivity Analysis and Live-Machine Data

Bild: Kolbus Assist App OEE für Produktionsanalyse und Liveübersicht

Win-win Tool for Manufacturers and Operators

Since a couple of years the machine manufacturer within the book-binding industry counts on its own symmedia SP/1 Service Portal "Remote Assist 360". So far the focus layed on Remote Service, to guarantee a faster service and a higher machine availability.

But Kolbus has recognized: It is all about the data when dealing with Industry 4.0 or the Industrial Internet. 

With the Assist OEE App Kolbus supplies n attractive tool to its customers, enabling them to see all machine and production data at any time to outline optimization potentials.

At the same time, Kolbus uses the data to, for example do prouctivity consultings or to identify, how profitable their own service works at the customers' sites and to learn from the data. A win-win-situation for the machine manufacturer and his customers is generated.

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