Awarding of the "Diamond Star Award" to a family business at Bielefeld

Boge is awarded the Diamond Star Award for "Best Industrial Business Solution 4.0"

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The Diamond Star Award, presented by the Handelsblatt and Capgemini, is awarded every year to companies that stand out for exceptional innovations with a high degree of implementation. This year Boge won the award for the Continuous Improvement Programme. Within the Boge customer service program, symmedia technology is also used. In order to ensure that compressors are back in operation quickly on site and that often untrained operators receive optimum remote support, Boge relies on the symmedia SP/1 Glasses application, among other things.

For decades, the Bielefeld-based family-owned company Boge has stood for high-quality, innovative compressed air solutions. Customer satisfaction comes first.

A few years ago symmedia and Boge worked together on a remote monitoring solution. At that time, Boge decided to develop it itself. In the area of remote support, new opportunities for cooperation are being created for the two Bielefeld companies. Especially in connection with the data glasses application symmedia SP/1 Glasses and the digital communication structures with technicians on site, Boge benefits from symmedia's experience in this area.

Today, Boge offers its customers the so-called "Continuous Improvement Programme" with extremely fast response times and on-site support. The services also include "24h Recovery": after 24 hours every failed Boge system should be up and running again. That's what Boge promises its customers. This requires a high degree of transparency as to what happens on site in the event of a malfunction. Not only the right spare parts have to be available, but also personnel who act accordingly. Such communication over the telephone is often difficult and hard to understand for Boge specialists from a distance. Moreover, the on-site personnel are not always perfectly trained for the tasks. Thus, the Boge specialists have to see what is being done on site and this works best with the symmedia SP/1 communication structure including the data eyeglasses application symmedia SP/1 Glasses.