Efficient service workflows with symmedia

Efficient service workflows with symmedia

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The symmedia SP/1 Plug&Work Box Industrial

The core of the symmedia SP/1 system architecture is the symmedia SP/1 Plug&Work Box Industrial. This is a box PC (hereinafter referred to as Service Box), a robust housing that contains a PC on which the symmedia SP/1 Site Control is installed. The Service Box enables the secure connection of machines and systems of the most common control systems to the Internet and thus to the service business of the machine manufacturers. In simple terms, the Service Box gives the manufacturer controlled and secure access to the machines of the manufacturing company. The machine manufacturer thus can offer its customers immediate service directly on the machine.

Commissioning of a symmedia SP/1 Plug&Work Box Industrial

Simple and efficient commissioning processes are important for economical operation. Various options are available, two of which we would like to present here. For quality assurance purposes, symmedia registers its symmedia Plug&Work Box Industrial with the machine manufacturer's Central Server before delivery. Each Service Box is automatically registered during the installation process. This not only ensures the functionality of the Service Box, but also simplifies commissioning - no Service Box must be created manually on the Central Server.

When the Service Box is put into operation, it automatically logs on to the Central Server. It then only must be assigned to the correct customer and supplemented with the corresponding customer data.

To connect the Service Box to the machine, symmedia has established two processes, tailored to the conditions at the machine manufacturer and depending on the number of machines the manufacturer wants to equip with a Service Box to offer its digital services.

The preconfigured Service Box

If a manufacturer only delivers a certain number of machines, or if symmedia is not connected to the manufacturer's ERP system for other reasons, symmedia can still deliver the Service Box to the customer with a basic configuration. This mainly contains the settings required for the connection to the Internet. When the Service Box is put into operation and has connected to the Internet, it automatically establishes a connection to the Central Server and the service organization can connect to it remotely to make final settings.

The Service Box is then configured in the machine network and prepared for connection to the local WAN network. To do this, the customer and machine are entered on the Service Box and it is determined how the Service Box should connect to the network.

The Service Box then automatically logs on to the customer's network.

Configuration with the symmedia Installation Wizard

The symmedia Installation Wizard is a function for automatic detection and configuration of Service Boxes, use of the correct machine template, installation of the correct software version, network configuration and generation of the corresponding entries in the customer database.

If a customer delivers many machines, say >100 per year, an automated process makes sense here. symmedia has developed the Installation Wizard for this purpose. In the underlying process, the Service Box is not pre-configured, but sent unconfigured. When the user logs on to the symmedia Central Server, the system extracts the correct machine templates by entering just a few details and is productive on the network within minutes.

This is one of many efficient service workflows symmedia can provide, if you are interested please contact us at eservice[at]symmedia[dot]de.