Finally, new blood again!


Finally, new blood again!

Our trainees: Anyone who passed through our doors yesterday as a curious newcomer can trigger the next big innovation tomorrow. Because we believe in this, we at symmedia have always attached great importance to good training, which helps us to develop colleagues who can one day become valued jubilees.

At the beginning of August we had a great day, on which we not only welcomed two new trainees, but also celebrated the 20th anniversary of our colleague Zoran. "Closing the loop" is what we call it in the trade. And we are very proud to be able to experience such different stages of the professional career at symmedia. Due to the relatively low fluctuation within the company, young and not so young digitization experts work side by side, which has proven to be a great benefit for both parties. In this way, year after year, we try to provide our trainees with a successful mixture of contemporary technologies, current methods, but also the long mature experience of our older colleagues. The fact that we are fundamentally interested in retaining our junior staff even after their final exams attests not only to our healthy growth, but also to our social responsibility. Should someone leave us, we are not resentful: Those who have been with us once will always remain symmetric, and are thus welcome in our company forever.

We wish Tim and Yannick all the best at the beginning of their new phase of life, an instructive and interesting time, many good exams and, of course, many successful experiences.