Industry 4.0 - also for older machines

Industry 4.0 - also for older machines

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How can older machines be set up fit for Industry 4.0 and for smart service business models? The research project "retrosmart - Smart Service Retrofits for maximum availability of machines and systems", which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, is intended to find an answer to this question. Among others, symmedia with the customer and machine manufacturer Fette Compacting as well as the TU Berlin and the Ruhr-University Bochum are involved.

In today's digital age, new machines and systems are usually already equipped "smart" upon delivery.  They can be easily integrated into existing, digitized production environments via interfaces. But the lifecycles of machines can be long.  Many machines have been in production for decades and are therefore not yet network-capable. 

Digitalization of production only makes sense in the long term if all production machines involved are digitally equipped and networked. Therefore, it is necessary to retrofit the older machines in the Industrial 4.0-capable field. The advantages of retrofitting are that they are much more cost-effective and can be implemented more quickly and easily. The "retrosmart" project aims to develop a procedure with which machine and plant manufacturers can retrofit older machines and plants with industry 4.0 capability.