symmedia is a new member of the top cluster "It's OWL"

It’s OWL? symmedia is on board


Nearly 200 members from economy and science have founded a technology network. "It’s OWL" is named after its subject: Intelligent Technical Systems in Ostwestfalen-Lippe. symmedia has now also joined the peak cluster. Together with the other companies, universities and research facilities, the company from Bielefeld pursues the target of creating innovations for industry 4.0 and designing the digital future together.

As an expert for industry 4.0 service solutions, symmedia contributes its long know-how in networking machine and plant construction. By continuous exchange among the members on network events, "it’s OWL" technologies are created for a new generation of products and product systems. Through the cluster founded in 2011, the high-tech site of Ostwestfalen-Lippe is further strengthened. symmedia's customer profit as well as a result. The symmedia-experts uncover innovation potentials early and process the knowledge acquired in the network directly in their products.