Reliable machine service despite coronavirus

Reliable machine service despite coronavirus

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Reliable machine service despite coronavirus

Germany is currently in an absolute state of emergency. Since the end of the Second World War, Germany has not been in such a situation. The borders are closed, trips are cancelled, events and fairs are cancelled, schools, restaurants, shops, cinemas and clubs are closed. People are advised to stay at home and only leave the house in exceptional cases, such as to visit the doctor or go shopping. This is a completely new situation for all of us, to which we first have to get used.

What consequences does the virus have for the economy?

The coronavirus has a massive impact on the economy. More and more companies are putting their employees on short-time work or ordering compulsory leave. The economy appears to be at a standstill in some areas. Other employees work in the home office. Even if the situation is not easy for everyone at the moment, there are opportunities offered by digitalization - and in different areas: The healthcare system, for example, is currently reaching the limits of its capacity. But digitization can help to improve processes and protect patients. More and more doctors are offering video consultation hours during the pandemic period. Even though we are at home, it is possible to exchange information and stay in touch throughout. Even work can now be done from there - if possible.

Digitization also offers opportunities in the manufacturing sector to minimise the effects of a pandemic

But what happens if a company has to continue production and suddenly a machine breakdown occurs? In order not to endanger the health of the employees in the company and that of the service technician, digitalized production is of great advantage, for example, in order to quickly remedy breakdowns. Networking machines and systems with the Internet, also in the service area, is the basis of digital production. With symmedia SP/1 Remote Service, online access to the machine or plant is fast and secure. In the event of a machine failure, the technician can connect directly to the customer's machine and provide service. For example, settings in the machine control system can be checked and problems solved online without the service technician having to be on site at the customer's premises. This not only ensures the health of the customer and the service technician, but also saves costs and time. Up to 90% of all cases can be solved remotely by symmedia users without the need for a service technician to travel. In addition, companies benefit from a 24/7 service that the service provider can provide at no great additional expense thanks to the digital infrastructure. With the help of the conference centre, live video transmission, Voice Over IP, chat, whiteboard function and data glasses integration is possible. This means that live images can be recorded from the defective machine and sent directly to the service technician - always on a TÜViT-certified, secure path and without creating dangerous gaps in the network. The Conference Center is also available on mobile devices.

Being prepared for the future

More than 15,000 manufacturing companies already benefit from the digital infrastructure around the machine with an integrated service portal. This means that some leading machine manufacturers are already equipped for situations such as those we are experiencing today.

The calm economic situation can be used to also position themselves digitally and to create a safe and reliable service portal and network machines for the future.