VDMA exchange of experience

VDMA exchange of experience

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In the middle of March, the VDMA exchange of experience about augmented reality and visualization in service took place at symmedia GmbH. The company DMG MORI and symmedia showed application examples on site, how digital solutions can look like in practice. But not only DMG Mori offers digital solutions in addition to its machines. Many other machine manufacturers also rely on the many advantages of digitization and offer service products for their own machines.

Remote Service: Camera Support and Multi-User Conference in Machine Tool Manufacturing

On site, DMG MORI showed how Remote Service could look in the event of a machine failure, for example. With the help of a service cam, images are transmitted in real time and thus enable targeted support. In addition to real-time transmission, there is a chat and whiteboard function where photos, operating instructions or screenshots can be uploaded and edited.

Digitization of service processes

Peter Barkowsky presented the digitization of service processes in a short lecture. The four core products Remote Service, Monitoring, Maintenance and Parts were explained based on practical examples in everyday life and in industry. Peter Barkowsky's vision is that in the future not only individual machines will be networked, but entire factories will be brought into the digital world.

Intensive exchange of experience

The VDMA Business Advisory department gave a lecture on digitization in the service business. At the end of a workshop, the question of how new service products can be generated with which data and how they can be successfully placed on the market was addressed.

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