symmedia SP/1 OEE App - Peak values in plant efficiency

14. July 2016

Availability, efficiency, quality - these parameters are critical to the performance of production systems. The new symmedia SP/1 OEE app provides equipment operators in future precisely these indicators on their tablet. With the mobile solution symmedia is expanding its range in monitoring. Manufacturing companies benefit from reliable data with which they can identify and exploit the productivity potential of their machinery. Equipment manufacturers can offer their customers even better service due to the performance indicators by tackling the weaknesses - the result is a "win-win" situation for operators and manufacturers.

Availability, efficiency and quality - the new symmedia SP/1 OEE App provides equipment operators metrics on the tablet, giving information about the performance and productivity of their production and the profitability of individual jobs.

Evaluate, optimize, achieve peak performance - with the symmedia SP/1 OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) App the availability, performance and quality of every single machine are measurable - live or over a defined period. Thus, for example, availability losses can be represented and analyzed by setup time or machine failures. But even for the cycle time at which the material is processed, a target-actual comparison is made. This allows operators to adjust directly, should it come to time outs and therefore a loss of capacity. The Job view provides moreover per job information on how productive the machines work and how profitable each individual job is. By networking through the service portal and the exchange of data, the machine manufacturer is able to learn even from the data and to optimize his service to the operator as well as his own technologies.

 "The OEE indicator is a good yardstick for checking production performance. It can show flexibility and performance reserves and uncover cost drivers,” says Peter Barkowsky, CEO of symmedia. "With the symmedia SP/1 OEE App we give machine operators and manufacturers an important tool at any time to get an overview of the status and effectiveness of the machinery." Complex manual calculations of the value of a plant belong to the past thanks to the OEE App.

Technical requirements for the use of the symmedia SP/1 OEE App is the module symmedia SP/1 Monitoring. The new solution is available on all tablet mobile platforms with operating systems iOS (iPad 2), Android (5.01.) and Windows (from 8.1).

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