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symmedia SP/1 Access Guard

Complete control of information and data sharing in Industry 4.0 processes

Focus on data security: with Access Guard, symmedia, provider of Industry 4.0 service solution symmedia SP/1, is once again significantly improving security in machine services. The new software module gives users the power to decide when authorized technicians are allowed to access a machine remotely, as well as the specific levels of security and permissions they have. In particular machine and plant operators who work in sensitive areas with particularly high security requirements often need solutions with additional access controls. That’s why even the production and packing systems manufacturer for the pharmaceutical industry, Harro Höfliger, is already successfully using Access Guard. 

Industry 4.0 and data security – two issues in the age of digitalization and big data that are often mentioned in the same breath. As of now, machine and plant manufacturers can significantly increase security when exchanging data: our new Access Guard feature is now included in our symmedia SP/1 industry 4.0 service software. This means that each individual machine operator determines when and with what authorization level their systems can be accessed. If a service request is made to the authorized person, such as the manufacturer technician for example, a ticket will appear in the service cockpit. The service engineer accepts the request and logs into the machine, with the operator then receiving a request for approval. Only once the operator has confirmed access again can the engineer begin to service the machine remotely or start troubleshooting, for example. This also ensures that only the authorized person has access to certain plant functions and data at the machine manufacturer, such as for connecting to the PLC control for each machine. If the engineer requires access to further functions in order to resolve a fault, this must, once again, be authorized and approved by the operator. Furthermore, it is possible for the operator to remove individual authorizations at any time; if for example, they need to leave a machine temporarily.

Tried and tested by Harro Höfliger

For pharmaceutical and chemical companies, the quality and security of each process take top priority. Harro Höfliger Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH specializes in manufacturing production and packaging plants, with an emphasis on pharmaceutical and medical applications. Customer service has always played an extremely important role within the company. That’s why the mechanical engineering company opted for installing symmedia SP/1 Remote Service. As a result, the company is able to connect plants with its customers successfully. The declared aim: short response times in cases when servicing is needed, so as to avoid production losses – and always under strict security requirements. Harro Höfliger is also now able to fulfill an additional security requirement using Access Guard: “New levels of security give our customers the flexibility to choose when and with which permissions the authorized person can connect to a machine,” explains Jackson Heslop, Head of Customer Service at Harro Höfliger. “Without a highly secure solution, our customers would not authorize our engineers to access their machines via a remote service. In symmedia SP/1 and Access Guard, we have found a system that both we and our customers have complete faith in.”

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