IIoT Maintenance and repair management solution

symmedia SP/1 Maintenance


symmedia SP/1 Maintenance organizes both time-related and status-related maintenance. Both the manufacturer and the machine operator can be informed about the current maintenance status of machines and any necessary spare parts. Benefit: The manufacturer provides the customer with an attractive maintenance tool with which he can implement its own maintenance plans. In return the manufacturer receives information about the customer’s current service requirements which enables him to proactively offer the customer targeted service quotes.


7 Advantages of digitized
Maintenance Management

Zentrale Wartungsdatenbank Icon

Central Maintenance Data Base

Complete maintenance management in the maintenance editor: triggers, consumables, time, responsibilities, priority, etc.

Instandhaltungsmanager Icon

Maintenance Manager

Better planning/possibility for independent execution of predefined maintenance events by the operator. Completion of own maintenance events.

Hersteller IconHersteller IconHersteller Icon

Win-Win Service Strategy

The manufacturing company keeps an eye on the maintenance status of the machines and can carry out certain maintenance work itself.
The machine manufacturer receives the maintenance data and can offer service and spare parts at the right time and generate new service products from the data.

Sparschwein Icon

Predictive Maintenance

Early ordering of spare parts and predictive maintenance thanks to error- and condition-based maintenance definitions.

Wartungsbedarfsanzeige Icon

Maintenance Requirement Display

Notification of maintenance by means of a traffic light display at the machine operator and automatic notification of the machine manufacturer.

Wartungs-/ Instandhaltungsarchiv Icon

Maintenance and Service Archive

Acknowledgement function for service and maintenance events. All activities are stored in the facility log or the Service Archive.

Parts Agent Icon

Parts Agent

Monitoring of spare parts requirements directly at the machine, incl. automatic ordering process.

Local Maintenance Manager

The machine operator uses symmedia SP/1 Maintenance in the planning and preparation of his maintenance tasks with regard to all machines of the corresponding manufacturer. He receives support in his daily work, sees the next maintenance work to be performed using the traffic light function and is notified in advance so that maintenance work can be scheduled in connection with the production process and spare and wearing parts can be ordered.


Central Maintenance Data Base

symmedia SP/1 Maintenance is based on information that the machine manufacturer creates centrally and delivers to its customers. The advantage here is that all maintenance information is made available to the operator (for individual machines or for the entire machine park) clearly arranged in the Customer Cockpit and can be transmitted to the manufacturer as required. In this way, the operator's maintenance staff and the manufacturer's service technicians receive up-to-date information on the maintenance status of the machines at all times.

Adjustments and updates of the maintenance plan can be updated centrally by the manufacturer for all machines.

Traffic Light Function

The traffic light function is used to prioritize upcoming servicings in the maintenance manager. Green means that the current status of the machine is OK. Yellow should be serviced within the next few days, and if the traffic light is red, action must be taken quickly, as the service date may have already been exceeded.