The Alarm is a core function of Monitoring. It is triggered when a defined threshold value is exceeded or fallen below and it informs the operator and/or machine manufacturer of serious incidents.

symmedia SP/1 Alarming. Here, amongst other things, threshold values and their associated incidents are defined.

Such an incident may be a current problem through to machine down time. In an ideal scenario it relates much more to information regarding an upcoming problem.

symmedia SP/1 Monitoring provides various forms of notifications depending on the urgency of the alarm and to whom it should be sent. The easiest form of escalation is an email, a text message or a push-notification in the symmedia App with the highest level being a service request triggered to the manufacturer (instigating a reverse connection to the machine).

In addition to the alarm escalation, individual rules can also be defined if there is no response to an alarm within a specific time period. For instance an urgent alarm may have triggered a Service Request, but the responsible service technician is not at his post and has not noticed the alarm. If the Service Request is not handled within 30 minutes, it is automatically forwarded to a colleague and the service manager is informed. This is how symmedia SP/1 Monitoring supports manufacturers in their compliance with their Service Level Agreements.

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