Conference Center

Conference Center comprises a live video connection, Voice over IP, Chat and a whiteboard function. Benefit: It is integrated into the Customer Cockpit and uses the secure symmedia instantVPN® which means it is accepted by most operators without any problems.

Screen: symmedia SP/1 Conference Center 

Online conferences are an indispensable tool. Wherever different languages, different levels of education and training and working methods come into contact with each other, all parties involved benefit from the opportunity to work together with multimedia support.


In Chat text messages are sent via Instant Messaging to one (or several) conference participants. The transfer is via a push-process so that the messages arrive immediately at the recipient and can be answered directly.

Video, Voice over IP

Conference Center enables HD video communications and for instance the camera in the tablet computer can be used to show problem areas at the operator’s facility. High-resolution camera images can also be loaded directly into the whiteboard. symmedia SP/1 uses Voice over IP instead of a telephone or mobile telephone connection.


The whiteboard is the digital sketch pad of the conference participants. Together they can load and process (e.g. highlight, encircle or underline) photos, screen shots and electrical plans. This is particularly practical when linguistic or technical obstacles make communications via verbal or written instructions more difficult. All content created in the whiteboard can be saved and stored in the facility log.

Desktop Sharing

symmedia SP/1 supports Desktop Sharing for all conference participants. Therefore it is possible for participants to make their own respective user interfaces available online and to support each other in specific tasks. This functionality has proven its worth during training courses in particular.



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