Infografik: symmedia SP1 Betreiberlösung

symmedia SP/1 Remote Access Management

Often a production site does not only have machines or components from one manufacturer, but from several. The knowledge and thus the ability to troubleshoot remotely is usually with the supplier of the component. The aim is to integrate these suppliers in the problem solving process.

That is possible with the symmedia SP/1 Remote AQccess Management. In case an expert is needed, the supplier can easily be integrated into the case of service. Invited or automatically the supplier gets access to the exact component delivered by him, can perform remote diagnostics and fix the error from afar.

Comparison of Process without and with Remote Access Management

Overview of Advantages

  • Remote desktop access via high-performance tunneling services
  • Highly secure architecture/ remote solution in isolated environments
  • Complete connection control and data sovereignty with the operator of the system
  • Unified remote processes through a single dial-in point
  • Convenient install, uninstall, and update processes
  • Process integration of equipment suppliers and thereby increased technical availability of production machines
  • Forgery-secure documentation of all accesses
  • Secured interfaces to SCADA/ MES/ ERP systems

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