symmedia SP/1 - one portal for all service demands in machinery and plant engineering

symmedia SP/1 is the service portal , the leading machinery and plant manufacturers digitize their service processes with and provide their customers with innovative value-added services. Starting with the connection of the machines or systems to the Internet, the machine manufacturer is able to offer its customers directly on the machine or via mobile app, custom services. Accordingly, new business models can be developed and make existing service processes much more efficient in a common portal.

symmedia SP/1 products offer a comprehensive range of solutions for communication between equipment manufacturers and operators, designed specifically for the requirements of mechanical engineering:

System Architecture

symmedia SP/1 architecture allows the implementation of both decentralized and centralized scenarios.

Both versions have their advantages:

The decentralized option, however, has established itself primarily in mechanical engineering, since there is in most cases highly sensitive production data. With symmedia SP/1 all data remains with the operator on the Site Control and only certain, previously agreed upon information is sent to the manufacturer.


Connections over the Internet must be above all: safe. This is particularly true for the manufacturers and operators of highly complex production facilities that want their sensitive data to be save at all times. symmedia SP/1 is awarded the Trusted Product Certificate "TÜViT" and is accepted by machine operators worldwide across a broad front.

The symmedia instantVPN® is developed by symmedia for many years and specifically adapted to the needs in machine and plant engineering safety.

A technician is only able to connect if he has previously been invited by the operator. Is the case of service completed, the connection is disconnected again. The sovereignty is therefore completely with the operator - an important argument in order to market the service portal as a machine manufacturer in width can.

Our functions and products in overview

symmedia Remote Service Iconsymmedia Maintenance Iconsymmedia Parts Iconsymmedia Monitoring Icon
symmedia sp/1 Service Cockpit Icon

Service Cockpit

The central work surface for service technicians of the manufacturer. Equipped as needed with symmedia SP/1 Remote Service, Maintenance, Parts and Monitoring.

symmedia sp/1 Customer Cockpit Icon

Customer Cockpit

The operator’s window to all maintenance-related topics of his machine and to the service world of the manufacturer.

symmedia sp/1 Ticket System Icon

Ticket System

Structures the communication between manufacturer’s service and the machine operator. For convenient and transparent service processes.

symmedia sp/1 Administration & Documentation Icon

Administration & Documentation

Comprehensive administration capabilities: All customer and machine data, service information, documents and contracts clearly filed and retrievable at any time.

symmedia sp/1 Network Management and Interfaces Icon

Network Management & Interfaces

Easy integration into the existing IT environment and provision of collected data for other systems.

symmedia sp/1 Mobile Devices and Plant App Icon

Mobile Devices & Plant App

Mobile devices can be seamlessly integrated into the symmedia SP/1 application. Firstly the symmedia SP/1 client also runs on, for example, tablets. This allows an even more flexible use of the service portal within the plant network.

symmedia sp/1 symSupport Icon


The support portal for symmedia SP/1 customers. Immediate notification of symmedia SP/1 experts. From the preliminary analysis of the problem to rapid online help.


Data security and performance. With the symmedia hardware for the Site Control.

symmedia sp/1 Time Account Icon

Time Account

symmedia SP/1 Remote Service enables all online service times to be viewed and clear reports to be provided to customers.

symmedia sp/1 Supplier Cockpit Icon

Supplier Cockpit

The knowledge and thus the ability to troubleshoot remotely is usually with the supplier of the component.

symmedia sp/1 Conference Center Icon

Conference Center

In Customer Cockpit integrated live video connection, Voice over IP, chat and whiteboard function.

symmedia sp/1 KPI Cockpit Icon

KPI Cockpit

symmedia SP/1 KPI Cockpit conveniently makes all important online service figures available to the service manager. The service figures are based on the data of the worldwide networked machines.

symmedia sp/1 Notification and Up-to-Date Display of Maintenance Due Dates Icon

Notification & Traffic Light Illustration

Maintenance alerts in the Customer Cockpit. Display of maintenance due dates of individual machines with traffic light visualization.

symmedia sp/1 Parts Agent Icon

Parts Agent

Increase of spare and wear parts sales. The Parts Agent creates a proposal for ordering spare and wear parts proactively and exactly at the right time.

symmedia sp/1 Alarming Icon


Core function of monitoring: Alarms when a defined threshold is exceeded or fallen below and informs the operator and / or manufacturer of a machine about serious events.

symmedia sp/1 Data processing and live-visualization Icon

Data processing & live-visualization

symmedia SP/1 Monitoring continuously writes data and processes it in clear diagrams.

symmedia sp/1 OEE App Icon


OEE values always at a glance: symmedia SP/1 provides clear reporting for individual machines or for all machines together.


The symmedia SP/1 Dashboard serves to illustrate the monitoring data gathered from the machine (e.g. pressure, temperature, rejection quotas etc.) and to compare it over time or to bring into a logical context.

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