Administration and Documentation

symmedia SP/1 provides comprehensive administration functions. All customer and machine data, service information, documents and contracts are filed clearly and can be retrieved at any time.

The symmedia SP/1 customer database (Views: left – navigation through the service organisation, right – settings of the selected machine) 

Customer Database

The customer database administers all customers and connected facilities. Of particular importance is the possibility of filing Service Level Agreements. Service Requests from customers are then automatically prioritised.

Facility file in the Customer Cockpit 

The facility file provides a complete overview of the service life of the facility. Maintenance work, updates, spare parts orders or service interventions are saved automatically and can be retrieved at any time. (The respective functions of the facility logs are product-dependent) The operator can also add his own notes and use the facility file in this way as a shift book.

symmedia SP/1 Facility Log

Service Archive

The Service Archive stores all service processes. For example, service technicians use the Service Archive to prepare for customer visits. The Service Archive is also used by them as a knowledge database.


symmedia SP/1 logs all service activities which are performed via the system, such as how long an employee was connected to a machine, which functions he invoked and which modifications he made. This enables every individual step to be reproduced and substantiated. This not only applies to the manufacturer service since relevant operator activities such as configuration changes are also saved in a manipulation-protected log file.

Group and role access concepts

User groups are an important component of a secure software architecture. They define the rights of a user within the software. For example, an „admin“ can in general set up new users and release services, whereas an „operator“ is only given access to selected content. A key benefit here is that rights do not have to be assigned individually to every user, since there is a classification which then automatically leads to a specific group and the relevant „rights package“. This saves time when setting up symmedia SP/1 and makes it easy to administer all users.

symmedia SP/1 User Administration

symmedia SP/1 provides an adapted Cockpit for each user group which supports the respective tasks and at the same time prevents access to content outside of their role relevance. This means for example that the „operator“ can access all current machine data, whereas the „service technician“ can only access alarms. If a user were to belong to several groups, for example „service manager“ and „service technician“, his rights are „amalgamated“ into one „role“.

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