Customer Cockpit

The Customer Cockpit is the operator’s window to all relevant maintenance issues on his machine and into the service world of the manufacturer.

The Customer Cockpit is the user interface for the machine operator, maintainer or operations manager. It not only enables central access to all the services of the manufacturer, but also provides the operator with support in the daily maintenance of his machinery. For example, it provides an overview of all maintenance due on his machines, can view current status messages and can call up machine performance reports. In short: It is an indispensable tool for daily business activities and connects the operator closely with the manufacturer service, even beyond the warranty period.

The reduced display of the user interface of symmedia SP/1 Customer Cockpit (views: Remote Service, Maintenance, Parts, Monitoring)

Benefits for the operator (depending on respective modules):

  • Contact to the manufacturer service: The machine operator can contact the manufacturer with just one mouse click with the knowledge that this is the fastest and most convenient way of receiving high-quality support.
  • The operator can see in real time when a technician connects to his system.
  • Monitoring: The operator can see the status of all connected machines, and if applicable also across several factories.
  • Maintenance: The operator sees all pending maintenance listed and can therefore plan in advance for any required spare parts, support from the manufacturer service or any anticipated downtime.
  • Parts: The operator will be made aware of any required spare parts and he can then order these from manufacturer directly from the Cockpit.
  • Facility log: an overview of all data relating to the lifecycle of a facility.
  • Documentation: Access to operating instructions, technical drawings, maintenance instructions, commissioning logs, parts lists and much more.

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