Network Management and Interfaces

symmedia SP/1 is in most cases fully integrated into the IT environment of the machine manufacturer. The functionality of symmedia SP/1 can be used throughout the entire company. The data generated by the use of symmedia SP/1 is available for use in the company’s IT systems (e.g. the ERP system).


symmedia SP/1 can be integrated into external systems in various different ways.


Site Control monitoring

A digital service network can only function when all connected machines are also really online. With Site Control Monitoring the manufacturer service can continuously check the status of all connected Site Controls.

File transfer

Computers which are connected via symmedia SP/1 can transfer and exchange files. Therefore, for example, files can be transferred between Site Control of one machine and a local file system.

File Transfer Function of symmedia SP/1

System integration in ERP Systems

The most frequently used connection to ERP systems is the ticket administration. When an operator triggers a Service Request, the Central Server contacts the ERP and obtains a Ticket Number from it. When the service has been completed, the service report is also saved in the ERP system.

symmedia SP/1 has many other interfaces to ERP systems, for instance, for spare parts orders, for master data and/or document administration and for the monitoring of Service Level Agreements.

Auto Update and Backup

symmedia SP/1 updates itself and all connected user and machine programs fully automatically. This leads to a very high level of system security with administration kept to a minimum. symmedia SP/1 can also organise the security and update of other connected systems such as control projects or parameter settings.

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