Parts Agent

The Parts Agent is the digital retailer of the manufacturer directly at the machine. It is supplied with the Maintenance Manager and continuously scans the collected machine data for clues on parts needed. Has the Parts Agent identifies a need, it provides the operator with an order proposal: comfortable , responsive and just at the right time .


The Parts Agent can access different sources of data like an octopus and scan it from a sales perspective. It refers, for example, status information from symmedia SP/1 Monitoring and is informed by symmedia SP/1 Maintenance of upcoming inspections. If the Parts Agent finds evidence of required parts, an automatic sales process is started:

Step 1: Creation of a digital shopping cart

All parts the Parts Agent has determined a need for are brought together in a digital shopping cart and conviniently provieded to the operator in his Customer Cockpit. Depending on the connection option of the Parts Agent can compare the delivery times and the expected date of parts requirement to calculate the optimal time to order. 

Step 2: Adjustment of the stock (optional)

The Parts Agent harmonizes its demand information with the inventory of the operator. In this way, it identifies parts that must be ordered in the near future.

Step 3: Support internal workflows

The cart can be forwarded to relevant departments (for example purchasing).

Step 4: Request

Based on the digital shopping cart, the operator can now send an inquiry to the manufacturer. Order number, part description and customer data are automatically transmitted with the request.

Step 5: Offer and order

The manufacturer service creates a quote on the basis of the request and sends it to the operator. Manages the manufacturer his spare parts in an ERP system, he can provide prices, availability and tracking to his operators.



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