Ticket System

The symmedia SP/1 Ticket System structures the communication between the manufacturer service and machine operators. It makes the service process for manufacturers and operators convenient and transparent.

Use of ticket systems delivers big benefits to service organisations. For example the Ticket System decouples the reported malfunction from its elimination (in contrast to telephone support). Using the symmedia SP/1 daylight following process, worldwide service organisations can offer 24/7 service cost effectively.

At the same time the symmedia SP/1 Ticket System automatically collates all Service Requests, prioritises them and processes them. Service technicians can be informed of new service tickets via text message or email. If a Service Ticket is not processed within a specified time period, an automatic escalation process can be instigated. This enables a detailed overview of current requests to be obtained, Service Level Agreements to be complied with and feedback on the current processing status to be provided to operators.

The symmedia SP/1 Ticket System

The Service Request is the „invitation“ of the operator to access the manufacturer service. Whether it relates to a spare parts order, the reporting of a problem or a pending inspection, is totally irrelevant here. However what is important is that with the Service Request all the key information and functions are automatically available to the responsible service technician. This includes

  • customer and machine data together with a problem description.
  • Prioritisation of requests by urgency, service level, etc.
  • Possibility of direct reverse connection on the machine.
  • Escalation handling (defined procedure when the problem is not solved within a specific period).
  • Knowledge management (problems already solved can be viewed).
  • Automatic forwarding outside business hours (daylight following).
  • Secure and structured incorporation of service partners in a service process.

The Service Request list with traffic lights and status display.

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