Trainings for symmedia SP/1 Users

symmedia Training

User training for symmedia SP/1 users

symmedia Training

symmedia training courses are aimed at symmedia SP/1 users or those who would like to become one. The trainings usually build on each other. Together with our symmedia experts, we will take you step by step through the selected subject area - naturally always with proven tips from practice and an open ear for questions.

Starting with an introductory training, which usually takes the form of a webinar, you will gain in-depth knowledge about the use of symmedia SP/1 during the 1-2-day advanced training courses.
Equipped with the best state-of-the-art equipment, our training rooms offer the ideal environment for effective, practice-oriented learning for up to 6 people. The content learned is immediately applied. In a well-structured training document, all contents are available for additional reading.

Of course we also come to you if required and train you on site.




Ask your customer consultant directly for your training:

Introduction into symmedia SP/1

The two-hour webinar is aimed at anyone who has to do with symmedia SP/1 at the beginning of a project or is new to the project. The point here is to understand symmedia SP/1 fundamentally and to gain an overview of the essential features of the architecture, the connection workflow and the functions of the software. You will be put in a position to transfer the technology and functions to your application case, which facilitates the creation of relevant use cases.
After the training, you will know the system architecture and how to submit and manage a Service Request.

Contents at a glance:

  • What is symmedia SP/1?
  • symmedia SP/1 system architecture overview
  • symmedia SP/1 connection workflows
  • symmedia SP/1 Service Request workflow
  • symmedia SP/1 features overview

symmedia SP/1 Basic Training

The 1-day symmedia SP/1 basic training course is aimed at those who use and operate the system. The training is based on the introductory course. Contents about the system architecture, the different components and the security of symmedia SP/1 are taught. You will learn how to set up and manage the Central Server and Site Control. 

Contents summarized:

  • symmedia SP/1 system architecture, components and security
  • symmedia SP/1 initial configuration of Central Server and Site Control
  • symmedia SP/1 operation

symmedia SP/1 Administration Training

In the 2-day administration training course, the aim is to further deepen the knowledge gained from the introductory and basic training. It is aimed at all those who administer and configure the system. You will learn how to install and operate symmedia SP/1, how to create and manage users and systems, and how to perform backups and updates. The training enables you to configure and administer the system independently afterwards. 


  • symmedia SP/1 system architecture, components and security
  • Install, commission and configure symmedia SP/1
  • symmedia SP/1 user and system concept
  • Create and configure customers, users and attachments
  • Networks, backup and update in symmedia SP/1
  • Maintain licenses and service contracts
  • Escalation and server management
  • Use of symSupport

symmedia SP/1 Maintenance Training

The half-day symmedia SP/1 Maintenance Training is aimed at those who are using the Maintenance module or are thinking about using it in the future. It will discuss which system components are available and how to create and edit maintenance tasks with the Maintenance Editor. You will learn how to create and assign series and aggregates. The next step is to configure the maintenance manager. In addition, you will learn how the operator works with the maintenance module.

Contents at a glance: 

  • symmedia SP/1 Maintenance system architecture and components
  • Edit maintenances with the Maintenance Editor: Assign specialist areas, define modules, enter parameters, priorities and consumables, maintenance level, maintenance type and tools.
  • Define maintenance series, aggregates and definitions
  • Maintenance translation management
  • Export and transfer series
  • Configure the Maintenance Manager: Machine selection, serial import and machine assignment
  • Maintenance for the operator: operation, processing and execution

symmedia SP/1 Monitoring Training

The one-day symmedia SP/1 Monitoring training is aimed at users of the monitoring module or those who intend to use it.

The training is about learning how to integrate data sources into symmedia SP/1 Monitoring and how to display the data in dashboards, for example. In addition, you will learn how to configure calculations and aggregates, how to set up an OPC UA server and how to synchronize data on the central server. In addition, you will learn how to automatically inform people about exceeding or falling below certain thresholds.

The training may be extended by one day if the initial setup is to be part of the common configuration. 

Contents summarized: 

  • symmedia SP/1 Monitoring system architecture, data model and configuration interface
  • Connecting and defining Data Sources
  • Creating Data Sources, Query Groups and Data Adapters
  • Process raw data internally
  • Creating Data Sets, assigning Data Sources, creating Data Items and connecting with Data Adapter
  • Setting up and performing aggregates and calculations
  • Visualize data with the Live Data Logger
  • Optional: Initial configuration of symmedia SP/1 Monitoring