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Industry 4.0 for machinery and plant engineering in practice

Experience examples of digitalized customer relationships live!
Talked enough about Industry 4.0. We show you what is really possible. At our headquarter in Beelefeld we make Industry 4.0 come alive.

What do we show?

What does Industry 4.0 mean?

We talk with you about Industry 4.0 and what it can mean specifically for you.

Thereby we include technologies and applications as for example Apps which you can experience and test.


In an open discussion we can deal with your challenges and show you similar examples from practice.

This is what our visitors say

"We are looking for concrete Industry 4.0 application-examples which we can use for our own company development. The Industry 4.0 Showroom offers the possibility to discuss exactely our individual demands and possibilities and not only to talk about the topic in general as at many other events dealing with Industry 4.0."

"We were inspired by the technologies shown here. The Showroom offers exactely the right setting to openly exchange ideas and try out new things."

We are already a longterm symmedia customer. The new Showroom offers the possibility to receive an insight into how other symmedia applications are implemented. The practice-examples serve us as inspiration to further develop our own service portal.